The Jesse Liam Band is bringing their high-energy, crowd-pleasing show to your area. The JLB, a perennial Rhode Island favorite, is touring in support of Jesse Liam’s fifth CD, “Come on My Way.” The new six-track EP features three memorable originals and three of the band’s most-requested covers - Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are”, Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” and a Bob Marley medley. “We really like to please people with music, that is really what we’re about,” Jesse says. “Getting the reactions, having songs put people in a good mood.”

Jesse’s infectious enthusiasm is matched by dad/bandmate Jack Gauthier’s rhythmic, harmonic support on acoustic guitar and background vocals. Drummer Michael DeQuattro and Bassist Joe Bentley solidify the four-piece band. “We’re just excited to play and support this release,” says Gauthier, who produced the EP at his renowned Lakewest Recording studio in East Greenwich. “It’s just an evolution, it truly is. I think now it’s more a sense of what Jesse is and what he’s about. As a performer, vocally, personally.”

The four-piece band’s live shows are high-energy and fan-focused, and there’s a lot of repeat business among their fans. A look at Jesse’s Website gives you a good window into what he’s all about - performing, and making sure everyone is having a good time. “With this record and this band, it’s about singing your worries away,” Jesse said. "And, I love seeing that message spread across the faces of all who are at our shows." Jesse was a finalist in the 2015 Rhode Show Big Break Contest, is a perennial national anthem performer and has been named Best Male Vocalist by Limelight and Motif magazines. Additional Info at: JLG Media Contact: Jesse Liam Gauthier

Jesse Liam Official May 2015 Press Release - Album 4: So Much More

For Immediate Release May 15th 2015:

Jesse Liam CD “So Much More”
The Jesse Liam Band CD release shows:

Friday, May 15th 6-9pm @ Granite Farms, 50
Danielson Pike in North Scituate, RI
Thursday, May 21st 6-9pm @ Willimantic’s Street Festival
2015 on Main Street in Willimantic, CT
Friday, May 22nd 7-9pm @ The Purple Cat Winery, 11
Money Hill Road in Chepachet, RI
Thursday, June 4th 7pm @ Mishnock Barn, 200 Mishnock
Road in West Greenwich, RI

The Jesse Liam Band pairs lead singer, Jesse Liam Gauthier with his father, Jack, a Grammy-nominated
recording engineer and manager of legendary blues musician, Duke Robillard.
Jesse and Jack have been performing together for nearly a decade polishing their signature family-harmony
sound while retaining their infectious love for music and the audience.
Jesse’s fourth album, “So Much More”, produced by Jesse and Jack with three songs co-written by the pair
features “Yeah, Yeah Dance,” which earned Jesse and Jack a spot in the Rhode Show Big Break finals in a
field of 50+ entries to the annual WPRI TV12 contest.

This new CD finds Jesse hitting his stride as a singer and songwriter — his melancholy notes on “Love Will Have
Your Back,” the EP’s most emotional song, mix seamlessly with perfect pop positivity on the absurdly catchy
“Yeah, Yeah Dance.” Somewhere in between is “Start Living Tonight,” which recalls the guitar pop of the 1980s
before Jesse brings it into the now with a vibrant lead vocal and reggae-rap in the middle for good measure.
A bluegrass-pop cover of “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” pairs nicely with a mandolin-led version of
“I Want You Back,” and their family harmonies ring true on The Everly Brothers “Let it Be Me.”
“I think this recording is really the culmination of a growth process for both of us, of all the years playing
together and discovering music together,” Jack says. “We've always tried to be each other’s guide to music, and
in the process we’ve just developed our own sound that I think is kind of unique.”

“It was a blast and a great challenge for me and my dad from start to finish,” Jesse says.
“We put our heads together to really look at the way the original versions were created,” Jesse says, “…and as
we collaborate and bring our different tastes and interests in music to each arrangement, we hope it makes for
something special.”

They’ve been a pretty regular fixture across the Northeast since making the transition from the back porch to
playing clubs and events. Jesse’s infectious enthusiasm is matched by Jack’s rhythmic, harmonic support on
acoustic guitar and background vocals, and there’s a lot of repeat business among their fans. During their live
performances, some as a duo, some with a full band, they draw from a deep catalog of cover songs from the
Everly Brothers to Bruno Mars, and this CD features three very different reworking’s of classic hits.
Jesse and his dad are top 5 finalists in WJAR TV12 2015 “Rhode Show Cardi’s Big Break Contest”. Jesse was
named Best Male Vocalist, 2013 by Limelight Magazine and Best Male Vocalist, 2012 in the Motif Music Awards.
Jesse was named 2010 “RI College Idol”. He has performed the National Anthem for the PawSox, URI and PC
basketball, and PC hockey games.

Contact: JPG Management
For more info:

The Providence Journal

'My dad was always singing to Mom'
Publication Date: January 8, 2013 Page: LIFEBEAT_05 Section: Features Zone: MAIN Edition: 1

The music was all over the place when Jesse Liam Gauthier was growing up.

"My dad was always playing guitar around the house, singing to Mom, making up songs."

Jesse figures it was sometime late in elementary school that he realized that this music thing wasn't just something his father Jack did to entertain the family. His father was bringing his work home.

"A lot of the bands I worked with, they'd stay over at the house sometimes," says Jack Gauthier.

There'd be jam sessions in the kitchen in Smithfield, some street hockey with a guitarist, a drummer, maybe a singer. The musicians came to work with Jack at his Lakewest Recording Studio in West Greenwich, and Jack made them feel at home.

So with that kind of music-drenched childhood, it was a natural for Jesse to move to the music with his father.

Now, says Jack Gauthier, the band featuring father and son has a CD that's a million "seller."

"We've got a million of them in our cellar," he says.

It's a wonderful line. It had to be used.

But what we really have here is what Jack calls a dream come true. It's the Jesse Liam Band and it plays the kind of music that is in many ways a family soundtrack.

"From the '50s to today, just good melodic pop songs," says Jesse.

The Everly Brothers are somewhere in the mix. There's Motown, doo-wop. There's jukebox music. There's music that reminds us how much fun music can be.

"We've been doing music together since he (Jesse) could speak," says Jack. "He got serious when he was 15 and did some songs for a family event."

Jack and Jesse started going to open mic nights - Jack on guitar, Jesse on lead vocals.

"We played out as a duo for five years," says Jack.

At one of the open mic nights, Jack saw his cousin, Peter Ciorlano, for the first time in years. Peter plays the piano, although it took a while for him to warm to the keyboard.

"I had to take music lessons," says Peter. "My mother's brother taught piano. I hated it. But then I realized you could get girls."

So Ciorlano joined the band on keyboards. And Dan Hann joined on drums because Jack had worked with him on several projects and always appreciated his versatility.

"It's a low-stress environment," says Hann, who just wrapped up a gig on Trinity Rep's annual production of "A Christmas Carol." "It's fun for me."

And Hann says that because of his years of experience in all kinds of music, he can help Jesse develop as a singer and be ready for the long haul. Ciorlano says Jesse has presence on stage.

"A lot of the people just take to the way he sings a song," says Ciorlano.

For Jack Gauthier, the band is a way to combine all kinds of good stuff.

Gauthier is known as one of the good guys in music in Rhode Island. He knows what musicians need and what they don't need. It's been more than 25 years since he studied guitar with Duke Robillard. Now, he is Robillard's manager.

But while he always played, Jack discovered that what he truly loved the most was making other people's music the best it could be. He bought an early 4-track recorder and became a student. He made contacts in the business through Robillard, and he watched and listened and started to put the things in place that would eventually lead to Lakewest Recording and a career as a recording engineer, producer and manager.

"The most important thing was to observe the interaction, the relationship building," says Jack. "The studio situation can be intimate or very uncomfortable."

His work with so many musicians has made for a bunch of musical friends who've taken part in the band's two CDs. They have written songs and played and helped create music you might want to dance to.

Jack's studio is at the entrance to the Mishnock Barn in West Greenwich. It has everything, including the opportunity for a young guy who loved music from the very beginning to take in all the music he could possibly want.

"I'm a melting pot of every generation," says Jesse.

He is 22, soon to be a graduate of Rhode Island College. And he wants to make music a full-time job.

He is the band's promo man. He is the guy who calls the clubs and lays out a little history of the Jesse Liam Band as part of the pitch. He claims a rare, perhaps unique place in Rhode Island music by admitting to a certain fondness for cold-calling club owners.

"He is seeing how the industry has changed," says Jack. "He is getting involved in all aspects of the business."

Jack says that when they're on the road, coming back from a show, he and Jesse talk about what worked that night and what didn't.

When it does work, it's the best. There's no feeling quite like it.

The next area appearance of the Jesse Liam Band is at The Mishnock Barn on Sunday, Feb. 17, at 4 p.m. They'll play an all-Beatles show with the Big River Band. And father and son do a benefit for Children's Wishes on Feb. 14 at the Barn. For more information, go to


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Jesse Liam's Sophomore CD Release

For Immediate Release

for promo/interviews contact MIXED MEDIA/Ginny Shea

401 942 8025 or


Catch Jesse Liam on Tour:

Friday September 30 and October 21st , @ The Viking Hotel , 1 Bellevue Avenue Newport RI, 7pm

Saturday, October 8th, @Somerville Songwriter Sessions at The Café at Arts at The Armory Center

 91 Highland Street Somerville, MA 7pm 

Saturday, November 5, band @ The Mill, 711 Putnam Pike Greenville,RI 7pm

With special guest Dan Lilley

Thursday, November 10, band @ The Mishnock Barn, 200 Mishnock Rd West Greenwich RI, 7pm

With special guest Mark Cutler


New father-son collaboration has 21-year-old singer

Jesse Liam 'One Step Closer' to musical goals


Every day for the better part of a year, 21-year-old singer Jesse Liam and father/producer Jack Gauthier put their heads and voices together and made music.


The end result is Jesse’s second album, One Step Closer, a 10-song country-pop-folk-rock release that reflects the duo’s effortless joy and attention to great songs and quality musicianship.


Jesse and Jack have been working together as musicians since 2006, and the partnership has matured from a father-son novelty to something more.


 “I've always enjoyed making music with my son,” Gauthier says. “But with this record, I’m seeing that it can really stand up to anything, musically and sonically. I think Jesse’s at a point where he’s really developed into his own voice and identity.”


One Step Closer opens with the wistful country rock of “See You Later, See You Soon” and takes trips to pop (“Three Words”), balladry (“All That I Want”) and bluesy stomp (“Let It Slide”) with seamless cohesion. Throughout it, Jesse’s clear, strong voice – forged from dedication to the craft and an unteachable passion for singing – ties all the different themes and styles together with Jack adding harmonies and making all the arrangements sit just right.


“Both of us wanted to add different things to it and make it perfect,” says Jesse, a senior at Rhode Island College. “All of the different ideas we threw back and forth to each other just came together naturally.”


“It was a great process,” Jesse says, “We also co-wrote two songs (‘One With the World’ and ‘Throw Me A Line’), and that was another avenue for my Dad and I to expand on our musical bond. Overall, it was just great to hear it finished, to get the CDs back all mastered and packaged and hear it as a complete record … I’m so proud of what we've accomplished.”


For Jack, a Grammy-nominated recording engineer, former producer of Dispatch and manager of blues legend Duke Robillard, One Step Closer represents an opportunity to put together an all-star cast of support players and writers.


 “Through all the years of producing, I’ve connected with many artists ­­– both musically and as friends,” he said. “They’ve all made an impact on the business in different ways, yet all of them enthusiastically wanted to be part of our album.”  

    With guest appearances from Robillard,  Mark Cutler and Thom Enright , along with a slew of talented session players, great musicianship is stamped all over this collection of tunes.


Jesse and Jack will be touring New England in support of One Step Closer  this fall alongside keyboardist Peter Ciorlano and drummer Dan Hann. The album is available as a CD or as a download only at iTunes and, keyword Jesse Liam.

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